HYANNIS - The Cape Cod Community College accidentally sent out acceptance letters to more than 11 applicants, implying that all 12 had been accepted to the institution. In what can only be described as an embarrasing mistake by the region's highest educational institution, it was made worse by the attempt to cover up the error and simply accept all applicants.

Shortly after letters were sent, the admissions board voted to send a follow-up letter admitting the mistake, but was veto'd by the president of the school. College Spokesman Vince Martinbird told The Dry Bog "look, it's like overbooking a plane. In the end it all works out because there's 1 or 2 people that never show up because someone got stuck in traffic or whatever."

We sought out some of the applicants for their perspective on the issue. Patricia Mallory had been praying for a chance to study at Massachusetts' primo beach dune, the 4C's. "I feel like my prayers have been answered, I don't care if it was a mistake. Good-bye 3rd line cook. Hello 2nd line cook!"