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Beckett Mandral

Beckett Mandral

Hand Puppet STRANGLES Puppeteer To Death In TRAGIC Murder-Suicide

June 25, 2019
Local authorities responded to emergency calls where they later found a man and his hand puppet, both victims of a tragic murder suicide in East Falmouth.

Toddler Busted With 50 Grams Of Contraband Under Crib

July 02, 2018
Authorities seized one of the largest busts this year after a raid on Timmy's Little Piper Crib in his parents bedroom. Officials say the contraband has a potential street value of $29 depending on whether they were hand-me-downs.

USPS on Cape Cod To Offer Free Expedited Service When Sending Thoughts And Prayers

March 09, 2018
The USPS has innovated its way out of bankruptcy as it gains a massive social following from its new service, expedited thoughts and prayers. Now families, friends, and even strangers can send thoughts and prayers to potential victims all around the globe.

ICE Agents To Deport Boston Police Commissioner Back To Gringotts

December 29, 2017
William had come to the United States fleeing persecution from Voldemort after he took control of the one and only Gringotts Bank. We asked William how he feels about going back home. He said there isn't much work for goblins except in the halls of the bank.

New Cape Cod Wind Turbines To Reduce Noise By 70% With Quieter Dyson Technology

December 14, 2017
This renewable energy project was intended to save money. This new technology has no blades, and comes with air multiplier technology. Best of all, they have a 2 year warranty and come in a variety of cold blue steel and platinum silver colors.

Rubber Nipple Industry Finds New Market In Vape Cod Community

December 12, 2017
Adding a rubber nipple to your vape is like taping baseball cards to the spokes on your bicycle. It just makes it better, the whole experience. You can call it a win-win, I know we are.

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