It's hard to argue now, there's clear evidence confirming the theory of evolution directly on Steve Bannon's face.

A recent close-up image of Bannon provided a sample for scientists to study the boom in microbiological activity. Bacteria are commonly found in all areas of the face, they're not harmful and do not cause infections.  

However, this new finding suggests that face bacteria, in the right conditions and in symbiosis with its host, can actually flourish and over time, evolve to reach new heights of civilization and technology.

Close-up image of bacterial encampment on Steve Bannon's face, showing several indicators of advanced civilization including a pool and a post office.
"It's not James Webb, but there's crazy stuff happening everywhere." – Dr. Finklestein

We asked several medical physicians for their input on what's happening here. Dr. Osterville suggests that "we could be looking at Stooges syndrome, where the accumulation of diseases have reached peak ecological diversity and help to establish a level of stability."

Some of those interviewed showed concern over the study, suggesting this should not be an exploratory mission in science but a special case that requires medical attention. However, we urge those who question the value in science and exploration to reconsider, and point to the recent incredibly valuable innovations that science and technology have provided, like computers, GPS, and TikTok.