This renewable energy project was intended to save money. Unfortunately, it's costing many local Falmouth residents their time, money, and most importantly, their good health.

The problem is a noisy interstat thermo-bearing joint on the upper camshaft's inner monologue. Luckily, there's a company willing to help. And they have exactly what the town of Falmouth needs: a little British ingenuity.

The town's energy secretary, Budreau Abamasky, says they're planning to reduce noise up to 70% over the next 6 months with the help of Dyson.

"This new technology has no blades, and comes with air multiplier technology. Best of all, they have a 2 year warranty and come in a variety of cold blue steel and platinum silver colors.

We asked a few local residents what they thought of the wind turbines and the town's new plan.

Chuck McGill, a resident of the lower South Falmouth district, lives only 2,000 feet from one of the wind turbines. There's no other words to describe his condition, you must see it for yourself.


This makes him the closest living resident to the blades. He often complains about the noise and has since developed an extreme sensitivity to electro-magnetism.