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$20M Fleet Of Vehicles Missing, Last Seen On Otis AFB Before New Coat Of Camouflage Paint

February 11, 2018
Ten military vehicles were reported missing on Wednesday, shortly after being painted with high-tech camouflage paint designed to blend in with urban settings.

"Why Not Buy Valentines Gifts While Christmas Shopping?" Says Overprepared Walmart In Wareham

December 27, 2017
Who doesn't joke once in a while about how stores like to put out seasonal displays too early? But where do you draw the line?

New Cape Cod Wind Turbines To Reduce Noise By 70% With Quieter Dyson Technology

December 14, 2017
This renewable energy project was intended to save money. This new technology has no blades, and comes with air multiplier technology. Best of all, they have a 2 year warranty and come in a variety of cold blue steel and platinum silver colors.

Rubber Nipple Industry Finds New Market In Vape Cod Community

December 12, 2017
Adding a rubber nipple to your vape is like taping baseball cards to the spokes on your bicycle. It just makes it better, the whole experience. You can call it a win-win, I know we are.

Barnstable Man Transforms Drive-Thru Car Wash Into Dunkin' Donuts, Customers Awash With Joy

December 07, 2017
What was once a stale and unnecessary car wash has now been turned into a stale and unnecessary Dunkin' Donuts, located on Route 6A on the North Shore.

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