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NOAA Team Shocked As Whale Drops Surprise Live Album

April 19, 2021
MARTHA'S VINEYARD - An up and coming Humpback whale has been dubbed "The BeyoncΓ© of whales" among scientists at the National Marine Fisheries Service after releasing an unannounced album titled "Black Lemonade," off the coast of Vineyard Sound on Sunday morning. "Thank God we were recording," says Marjory Belfuer, an endagered species biologist on the NOAA team. "We're in a new era of whale songs. Β Not only do you have whales dropping new tracks totally by surprise, and who knows how long they

Increasing Amount Of Americans Now Respect Social Distance Norms When Mugging

July 16, 2020
HYANNIS - Martha Stoughton says that when she was mugged just the other day, "he kept several feet away and even used a face mask."

South-Facing Falmouth Property Boasts Lots Of Light, Escape Holes

February 22, 2020
Three-season's room? Make that FOUR seasons! The wide-open-floor living room is south-facing with LOTS of sunlight. Grow an indoor garden, heck, grow an OUTDOOR garden. No need to open the windows, that fresh summer breeze is only a matter of time!

Hand Puppet STRANGLES Puppeteer To Death In TRAGIC Murder-Suicide

June 25, 2019
Local authorities responded to emergency calls where they later found a man and his hand puppet, both victims of a tragic murder suicide in East Falmouth.

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