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South-Facing Falmouth Property Boasts Lots Of Light, Escape Holes

February 22, 2020
Three-season's room? Make that FOUR seasons! The wide-open-floor living room is south-facing with LOTS of sunlight. Grow an indoor garden, heck, grow an OUTDOOR garden. No need to open the windows, that fresh summer breeze is only a matter of time!

Hand Puppet STRANGLES Puppeteer To Death In TRAGIC Murder-Suicide

June 25, 2019
Local authorities responded to emergency calls where they later found a man and his hand puppet, both victims of a tragic murder suicide in East Falmouth.

Man Claims Pole Came Out Of NOWHERE To Cause Collision With Car

February 23, 2019
OSTERVILLE - The local fire department was called to the scene of a one-car crash early Sunday morning. Joell Bumgardner, who was the driver of the vehicle, claimed "that pole wasn't there a second ago,"

New Guy Feels Like Real American After Getting Anti-Depressants

December 01, 2018
It hasn't been easy for Christoph McDermott, a new U.S. citizen. We asked his coworkers how he's doing: "He's anxious, depressed, doesn't eat well, and neglects to exercise. He's fitting in very well."

Community Comes Together In Quest To Avoid Family

November 22, 2018
There's a new excuse to skip your family holiday plans and it's catching fire with the Cape community. All you have to do is drop-in at the local senior center and post a selfie. Within hours, your family will quickly forget that you've managed to avoid them and their emotional baggage.

Dad At Local Beach Becomes Envy Of Other Men With Effortless, Single-Trip Haul

July 18, 2018
MASHPEE - Eyes were locked on this mysterious man's train of beach equipment and accessories as he dragged them across the sand. He carried an aire of confidence about him, as if life was under his complete and utter control. "This guy just brought it to the next level," Carl said excitedly.

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