TRURO - With the increased cost of steel from China and lumber from Canada, local businesses have been forced to conserve whirly-gig supplies. Prices have sky-rocketed while sales have ground to a halt.

This is like swinging a sledgehammer to the heart of Cape Cod's economic industry.

Marconi's Beach Outfitters has been relying on the active tourism of Cape Cod to sell their whirly-gigs, rubber floaties, colorful novelties, and other tacky merchandise. Mario the owner says "Yeah, it's bad. $20 used to get you a premium whirly-bird or a steel weather-vane, now you'd be lucky to get a single colored gee-haw!"

Unfortunately, Trump's tariffs have also affected the owner personally. "I had to tell my wife the other day, when I see so many whirly-gigs still on the lawn, we're going to have a tough year, and we're going to have to cut our spending," Mario said, "She didn't like that one bit."