MARTHA'S VINEYARD - An up and coming Humpback whale has been dubbed "The Beyoncé of whales" among scientists at the National Marine Fisheries Service after releasing an unannounced album titled "Black Lemonade," off the coast of Vineyard Sound on Sunday morning.

"Thank God we were recording," says Marjory Belfuer, an endagered species biologist on the NOAA team. "We're in a new era of whale songs.  Not only do you have whales dropping new tracks totally by surprise, and who knows how long they've been working on them, but the poetry of each song, the meaning and history behind their messaging, these whales are educating the next generation with style and prose."

The title of the album has a strong significance with squids and their propensity to spread ink, more colloquially known as black lemonade. So far it has received widespread critical acclaim within the Fisheries community and continues to rise up the Billboard, displacing several top artists such as "Jesus Chrust-acean" and "The Cinematic Orca-stra."